Be thankful for the ability to run

I was out for an evening run on the Lehigh University cross country fields. Three miles in, my calves were burning and I felt like it was turning into a bad run. I had a stressful day and had not slept well last night, and was considering cutting my losses and ending early. Then I paused for a moment. Running is something that most people do not experience, by choice or due to lifestyle or health reasons. Here I was, running an easy seven miles in the evening. The sun was low on the horizon, rays skimming the soybean fields, highlighting each leaf, each undulation of the landscape. I was surrounded by green and my ears filled with the late summer sound of Cicadas. Clouds of gnats were dancing in the sun’s rays, Swallows were slicing through the cool air for their evening meal. This wasn’t the time to complain about a little pain, it was time to be thankful for the ability to be out running, especially on such a beautiful evening. So I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to run, to to feel alive. And you know what? The pain moved to the background of my consciousness and the run was spectacular.