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  • Characterization and modeling of charge-regulated surfaces
    Our paper on a method for obtaining parameters to allow charge-regulation modeling of natural and undefined surfaces has been accepted for publication in Langmuir. Citation Brown, D.G., Zhu, H., Albert, L.S., Fox, J.T. 2019. “Rapid characterization and modeling of natural … Read more
  • Our patent for stabilizing anaerobic digestors to upset has been issued
    In-situ, self-adjusting stability control of methane-producing anaerobic biological reactors through novel use of ion exchange fibers. U.S. Patent No.10,399,877. Filed 25 September 2017, Issued 3 September 2019. Assignee:Lehigh University. Inventors: Arup K . SenGupta, Derick G. Brown, and Yu Tian. … Read more
  • Congratulations to our new Environmental Engineering Ph.D.s!
    Congratulations to Chelsey Shepsko and Hang Dong for earning their Ph.D.'s in 2019! Chelsey Shepsko Dissertation: "Advancement of the Hybrid Ion Exchange Nitrogen and Phosphate (HIX-NP) Recovery from Waste Water and a New Approach to Brine-Free Nitrate Removal" Hang Dong … Read more