Bigfoot Hunting

Bigfoot Hunting??? Well, not really Bigfoot hunting on a literal level. Bigfoot represents our longing for the wild, to explore the unknown, and to seek knowledge – both externally, about something new, and internally, about ourselves. To me it’s a metaphor for getting outdoors, exploring our environment, and pushing myself to learn and experience new things. This may be going on a new trail or road run, hiking and backpacking, or simply learning something new about a topic that interests me (not work related!).

Blog Posts

  • Be thankful for the ability to run
    I was out for an evening run on the Lehigh University cross country fields. Three miles in, my calves were burning and I felt like it was turning into a bad run. I had a stressful day and had not slept well last night, and was considering cutting my losses and ending early. Then I … Continue reading
  • 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon (My first!)
    Cold, rainy, hilly, amazing, depleting, exhilarating.  These are some simple words to describe my first marathon.  When I told my non-running friends that I signed up for the Pittsburgh marathon, most looked at me and subtly shook their heads. Some said I was crazy, others said my knees would wear down from all the running. … Continue reading
  • No turning back now.
    Pittsburgh Marathon.  5 May 2019.